The Aftermath of Isaac: Water and Mold Damage

water and mold damageWhen Hurricane Isaac passed to the south of the Treasure Coast in late August 2012, Floridians on the east coast breathed a sigh of relief; thankful the storm was not a direct hit. However, the storm dumped between 6 and 13 inches of rain, leaving thousands of homes and businesses with some level of water damage.

The savvy property owner took care of the water and/or flood damage after the storm subsided, immediately calling a licensed and insured water restoration company to take care of the problem. Joe Taylor Restoration alone responded to over 200 water losses in just a few days following the storm.

However, many other property owners decided to wait, to attempt to dry the water themselves, or to contact a company that was not properly licensed and insured for water and flood restoration.  As a result, these same property owners have watched their manageable water dilemma in August turn into a water and mold damage crisis by February.

Joe Taylor Restoration is responding daily to those who need mold remediation as a result of Isaac. We know mold remediation as well as we know fire and water restoration, so it is certainly not a problem for us to rid the environment of harmful airborne toxins and restore it to its previous state. However, at this point, it could be a big problem for the property owner, not just because of the mold itself, but because the mold may be considered secondary damage and may not be covered by their insurance policy.

Secondary damage, in regard to property damage and insurance, is additional damage caused by the initial or primary damage. In this case, the water is the primary damage and the mold is the additional damage. Insurance companies typically do not pay for secondary mold claims that happen gradually over a period of time because it is considered neglect on the part of the property owner. Many insurance companies are requiring policyholders to have any water damage properly remediated before a claim for mold will be considered.

However, if you have recently discovered mold that may be a result of Hurricane Isaac, do not despair. Call your insurance agent for the details of your policy, or contact Joe Taylor Restoration right away for a free mold estimate. We are the preferred water, mold and fire vendor for over 30 insurance carriers in Florida and will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring that the appropriate resolution is reached with your insurance company. Trust your property to the experts in water and mold damage remediation services.