The Best in Biohazard Cleanup

Joe Taylor Restoration has done a lot of biohazard cleanup over the years. Some of these jobs are simply disgusting, like when a power outage causes meat and other food to rot and the stench permeates every square inch of the house. Some of them are tragic- like the one chronicled in a previous blog post, Biohazard Services in West Palm Beach, Florida, where intruders broke into an officer’s house and shot his police dog. And certainly biohazard cleanup jobs are the most heart breaking when they include suicide, homicide, or undiscovered death.The Best in Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup is a dirty job, but someone who is qualified really does need to do it. The Claims Journal explains that, particularly where blood is involved, it is crucial for biohazard cleanup to be done only by companies who specialize in this area. The following are a few of the many reasons it is important to choose the right biohazard remediation professional:

  • Many biohazard situations pose grave health risks to policy holders and cleanup companies because of the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. One out of every 24 people has Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV and these pathogens can survive in a deceased person for a considerable amount of time – up to 16 days after death, depending on the temperature and surrounding environment.
  • Exposure to bloodborne viruses can occur due to direct contact with non-intact skin, accidental injury from biological fragments, inhalation and exposure from splashes of blood or bio fluid to the eyes, nose, or mouth. Considering the health risks, biohazard cleanup specialists must follow stringent employee safety regulations and meticulous decontamination procedures that most cleaning crews are not accustomed to.
  • Blood can seep through grout and in-between floorboards, even through subflooring. There is no other way to clean the damage but to remove all affected materials – if new wood floors are installed over the blood spill or if tiles are simply wiped down, the remaining bio matter can spread disease, release odors and further damage the property.

Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) is well aware of the potential risks associated with biohazard cleanup, as well as what it takes to perform the job correctly and completely. JTR is in compliance with OSHA, EPA and State Environmental Agencies and is extremely efficient in reporting and testing. Not only are the licensed and insured technicians at Joe Taylor Restoration trained in how best to handle biohazards, but they will also approach each instance with sensitivity, sympathy, and professionalism. If you would like more information, or if you are in need of biohazard cleanup, please contact us at 888-814-1455 or refer to our Biohazard webpage at