The Sales Team at Joe Taylor Restoration

The sales team at Joe Taylor Restoration is made up of some of the most hard-working, out-going, self-motivated, and fun-loving people in our company. Last week, the sales team at Joe Taylor Restoration, led by Aaron Getty, participated in an in-house sales training meant to further enhance their seasoned sales and marketing skills. Over the course of several days, the team went over new and advanced internal systems and technologies, recent additions to our insurance carrier partners, and the latest industry trends, such as Assignment of Benefits and the like.

Because of our sales team’s efforts, most people in our industry are familiar with at least one of our reps. And sometimes through events, conferences, organizations, community involvement, and continuing education classes offered by Joe Taylor Restoration, our customers and partners get to know our whole team well. But if you do not know who the JTR representative is in your area, please contact us! We would love to introduce you. We are so proud of the sales team at Joe Taylor Restoration.