The Triple Whammy of Water Damage Restoration

It’s fall in Florida, which means it’s still 90 degrees, but there are pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks and Halloween decorations everywhere. Much like the weather, the season change has not really affected much at Joe Taylor Restoration, and calls continue to come in for relatively routine water damage restoration. With the exception of one recent job.

water damage restoration-In a spooky twist of fate, one condo building in Miami, Florida experienced a quite rare, and perhaps even singular event- the triple whammy of water damage restoration.

This triple whammy curse included toilet overflow, washing machine failure, and water intrusion due to heavy rains, all in separate parts of the building. What are the odds? As common as a lightning strike or shark bite? One can’t be entirely sure, but unfortunately, because of the nature of condo buildings, these three events affected multiple units and the lives of many people.

water damage restorationJust what was the severity of this triple whammy hex and what kind of water damage restoration did it require?

Whammy one, the toilet overflow, affected the entire unit where the loss occurred, as well as the unit next door. Bubbling paint on the walls and ceiling of one of the affected units required that the walls be vented to promote airflow and accelerate the drying process. Other drying equipment was also necessary, in addition to various cleaning and antimicrobial agents.

Whammy two, the washing machine failure, issued a bigger blow, affecting four units and their hallways. This whammy required the removal of the walls and the deployment of several extra large dehumidifiers, HEPA air scrubbers, and air movers.

Whammy three, the water intrusion due to heavy rains, affected the deep dark basement of the building and delivered the biggest blow of all- possible microbial growth. Eeeeeek!

The good news? Joe Taylor Restoration reversed the curse! By the time JTR was done, the entire building was dry and the potential mold situation, resolved. If you are faced with a water scare and in need of water damage restoration, contact Joe Taylor Restoration right away. We’ll take the horror out of your situation, and return you to the peace and serenity of the season.

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