There’s Rain In The House!- Clermont, Florida


There’s rain in the house! The video above is an example of one of, if not the worst nightmare for a property owner. No matter the type of building, it is a huge problem for a property owner when it’s raining inside. And, unfortunately, it happens more often than one might think. Thankfully, the water damage restoration experts at Joe Taylor Restoration have you covered.

When there’s rain in the house, the natural assumption is that the issue is a roof leak. But for this homeowner in Clermont, Florida, the situation did not actually involve a roof leak, but a broken supply line to an upstairs toilet. That supply line caused it to quite literally rain water onto the first floor, resulting in home flooding and a lot of water damage.

Upon arrival, our home restoration technicians squished onto saturated carpet, noting the water damaged laminate flooring beyond, and then looked up to see water cascading through the first floor ceiling.

Utilizing a thermal imaging camera and moisture meters, our technicians discovered that so much water had come from the upstairs that it affected the garage, dining room, living room, stairs, stairway closet, hallway, master closet, bathroom, and guest bedrooms. Water damage in these areas was so widespread that it included the ceilings, subfloor, walls, baseboards, vanities, carpet, and laminate flooring. This would require immediate and extensive water damage restoration.

Our technicians quickly got to work extracting the standing water from both floors of the home. The carpet, laminate flooring, and baseboards had to be removed, and ventilation holes were administered to expedite the drying process. A large amount of industrial drying equipment was deployed to successfully rid the property of moisture and ensure that hidden mold damage did not become a problem in the future.

The water damage restoration in this case was a bit of a process, but in the end, the homeowner was thrilled, saying: “Joe Taylor Restoration was such a pleasure to work with. The professionalism and care they showed while working made me feel so much better while experiencing an awful situation. Couldn’t thank the crew of Joe Taylor Restoration enough. Fantastic bunch of guys.”

Whether it’s rain in the house or another type of water, fire, mold or biohazard emergency, please do not hesitate to contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We are ready, willing, and able to handle even the worst property disasters and help our customers in their time of need.