Undiscovered Death Cleanup

As stated in last week’s blog post, Joe Taylor Restoration has helped several families recently with unfortunate biohazard situations. One of these cases involved undiscovered death cleanup. The reality of the world in which we currently live, is that not all people are closely connected to their neighbors, their communities or even their families. There are many people who live relatively lonely, solitary existences for many different reasons. Perhaps it is because they are not close in proximity to loved ones, or perhaps it is because they do not have loved ones at all. But regardless of the reason, when people live alone, they often die alone as well.

Sadly, a person could pass away and lay undiscovered for some time- days, weeks, even months- before someone realizes their death has occurred. But even if it is as little as one to two days, a body that lay untouched will begin to decompose. Bodily fluids will slowly leak out and saturate anything in the gravitational path. This means that furniture, carpet, padding, subfloor, and even portions of walls must at times be removed to eradicate the health hazard that is brought about by biological waste.

In addition, the odor associated with decomposition is utterly overwhelming, to put it nicely. Odors related to undiscovered death can remain embedded in the contents of a property and in the structure itself if not dealt with effectively. When Joe Taylor Restoration is tasked with undiscovered death cleanup, we make sure that all effected areas are carefully deodorized by utilizing a process that “scrubs” the air. This process attacks odor-causing molecules in duct work, carpet fibers, sheet rock, upholstered furniture, in the air itself, and everywhere else. Before we leave the area, we make sure the property is well ventilated and all traces of the trauma are removed.

Federal regulations state that any tissue or bodily fluid is classified as a biohazard. They explain that whenever a violent crime occurs within a building, or when a body begins to decompose within its interior, the surrounding building materials become contaminated with a variety of toxic agents. These toxic agents must be properly dealt with by an organization that strictly follows federally mandated guidelines and the standards set forth by the IICRC. Joe Taylor Restoration is one of those organizations.

Joe Taylor Restoration is properly insured and licensed to provide biohazard remediation services. We also offer extensive experience in undiscovered death cleanup where decomposition has occurred. Our professionals understand the sensitivity of this matter, and will always put our customers’ needs first. Day or night, we are here to help.