Water Damage and Hoarding- Lake Worth, Florida

water damage and hoardingWater damage is difficult enough to deal with. But when a property owner experiences water damage in a hoarding environment, the problem can become completely overwhelming. Luckily, for a homeowner in Lake Worth, Florida, Joe Taylor Restoration knows to handle both water damage and hoarding. And in the end, we were able to help restore the home to a much more livable state.

When the Lake Worth homeowner called Joe Taylor Restoration, he reported standing water in much of the house. Moisture had wicked up the walls, and he was at a loss as to what to do.

Upon arrival at the residence, the technicians noted that there was an extraordinary amount of contents present. Many things had been stacked up on top of furniture, and there were piles of contents on the ground in several areas with nowhere to put them.

The technicians got right to work with thermal imaging cameras and several moisture meters. These detected elevated levels of moisture in the media room/den and closet, entry, hallway, dining room, living room, master bedroom, master closet, and master bathroom.

But the damage did not stop there. There was content damage to many items, including furniture and cabinets. Several storage cabinets were affected at the base and were swelling up. The toe kicks had to be removed from the master bathroom cabinets in order to dry the structure effectively. And to make matters worse, an additional liquid of some sort had leaked out with the water and wicked up some of the furniture.

All necessary mechanical drying equipment was deployed to remove the moisture from the residence and prevent further damage. A HEPA air scrubber was deployed to help with the odor. And we assisted the homeowners in handling the content damage appropriately. Upon job completion, the home was actually cleaner and more organized than it was prior to the water damage.

Property water damage is tough enough. But dealing with water damage and hoarding is almost unbearable. Let us help! Joe Taylor Restoration is ready to assist with all water damage and hoarding situations, even when the hoarding is extreme and has become a biohazard. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your emergency property restoration needs.