Water Damage Over Time

Dealing with water damage can be a real challenge for property owners, not only right after the water loss, but in the long run, if water damage progresses. Whether the source of the water damage involves heavy rain or leaky pipes, if it is not dealt with quickly and efficiently, water damage over time can result in major property damage, as well as significant health and safety issues for residents.

Maybe you are just facing a burst pipe, or maybe your entire home is flooded.  Regardless of how bad the initial damage is, you cannot afford to wait to start the water damage restoration process. Water spreads very quickly and will be absorbed into the floors, the walls, the furniture and other areas in your home or business.

Once you have stopped the leak at its source, you need to immediately start the process of water damage restoration to address the damage that has already taken place, and to prevent additional damage from occurring.

Does water damage happen immediately?

If there is a considerable amount of water entering parts of your property where it doesn’t belong, then the answer is yes. Within minutes, water will spread throughout a property, soaking everything that gets in its way. This includes walls, floors, upholstery and belongings. Water will seep into every possible space, with the potential to warp floors, peel paint, etc.

If the water is category 1 water, or clean water, like from a washing machine supply line, then the damage could be less severe if handled appropriately.

However, if the water is category 2, or worse, category 3 “black water”, like from a toilet or sewage source, then anything that water touches immediately becomes a potential bio-hazard. Especially in the case of category 3 water damage, the home will need to be handled as a bio-hazard remediation right from the start.

Water damage within 1 to 24 hours:

Within just a single hour and up to a day after your property has been exposed to water, damage becomes more obvious. This is when drywall begins to bulge, furniture begins to swell, stain and crack, and metal surfaces begin to tarnish.

Water damage after 24 hours and up through 7 days:

From the 24 hour mark until the end of the first week, water damage will become more and more acute. Your property will experience the growth and spread of mold and mildew. The doors, windows, and flooring may swell, warp, and/or peel and metal may begin to rust and corrode. Also, depending on the category of the water loss, the possibility of serious biohazard contamination becomes a reality.

Water damage after more than a week:

If water damage is not addressed within the first week, mildew and mold growth, structural damage and biohazard contaminants may pose serious risks to residents. The need for mold remediation and decontamination services are almost guaranteed at this point, especially in Florida. And costs for remediation and repairs will increase, as will the time it takes to restore the property.

Water damage can be frustrating for a property owner, but water damage over time can turn into a huge problem. If you find yourself facing water damage, do not wait! Contact Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. We will take care of the situation quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you do not experience any further damage, and getting you on the path toward restoring your home or business.