Water Damage Restoration and Customer Service- Jupiter, Florida

water damage restorationEvery now and again, Joe Taylor Restoration comes across a peculiar scenario in what would otherwise be a standard water loss. Such was the case in Jupiter, Florida. The assigned insurance adjuster informed us that the home in Jupiter was flooded and needed emergency services. Our technicians later observed that the affected areas were the hallway, two guest bedrooms and  the master bedroom- unfortunate, but still a very standard water damage restoration situation.

What was unique, in this case, was that even though it was the homeowner’s insurance company who had referred us to dry her house, the homeowner was extremely wary, not only of signing any paper work allowing us to do the job, but she was also very hesitant to let our technicians into her house in the first place. This is not something we run into often.

In the large majority of cases, homeowners are impressed by our trucks, our equipment, and our clean-cut, well-educated technicians. This homeowner, however was quite nervous considering the prospect of having anyone she did not know enter her home, even if they were there to help her.

In addition, she initially refused to sign the work authorization form that is normally required to provide water damage restoration services. (We should note, this authorization is very different than an Assignment of Benefits. As mentioned before in a previous blog post, The Assignment of Benefits Scam, Joe Taylor Restoration DOES NOT include Assignment of Benefits in our contract.)

Considering this homeowner’s reservations, she was dealing with the best water damage restoration company possible. Joe Taylor Restoration is fully committed to the best possible customer service. Therefore, our technicians always explain in detail every step of the recovery process as it pertains to the property, making sure the property owner is as comfortable as possible.

It took a little time and patience, but the lead technician on the job was able to earn the homeowner’s trust. She allowed us into her home, and we proceeded to extract the water, drying the damaged areas completely. In the end, the cautious homeowner was put at ease, her property was restored to its original condition, and she decided that she would only use Joe Taylor Restoration if she was again in need of water damage restoration or any other type of restoration services.