Water Damaged Roof- Davie, Florida

water damaged roofCovering most every building, both commercial and residential, is a roof. Fortunately, when it does its job, it serves to protect the building, its contents, and its inhabitants. But unfortunately, a roof can begin to leak. Whether it’s because of age, cracked shingles, improper skylight installation, or any number of other causes, one can suddenly find themselves standing in a puddle of trouble under a water damaged roof.

A guest house, like any other kind of house, has a roof that might start to leak. The issue with a guest house, though, is that the property owner might not visit it very often. The owner may not realize that the guest house has a water damaged roof, until guests from out of town request a bucket to catch the rain water dripping from the ceiling.

Such was the situation Joe Taylor Restoration responded to recently in Davie, Florida. A certain professional athlete was making plans for friends to come and stay in his guest house during the upcoming season. As is typical for this time of year, rain and thunderstorms had been making an almost daily appearance at his residence. The athlete thought nothing of it, assuming the roof was intact. But when he opened the guest house to make preparations for his friends, he found a soaked living room, bathroom, and closet, all thanks to a water damaged roof.

In this case, not only did the guest house require roof repair and water restoration, but also mold remediation. Joe Taylor Restoration discovered mold growth in several places as a result of the high levels of moisture that had been left unchecked for a period of time. But that is for another blog post. The good news is that after the dehumidifiers, air movers, HEPA air scrubbers, and our technicians did the job, the guest house was deemed dry, and the next phase of the restoration project could begin.

A roof over your head and your property is a wonderful thing when the roof is serving its purpose. But when it starts to leak and becomes a water damaged roof, it can be a disaster. The key is early detection. The earlier a roof leak is detected and repaired, the easier the restoration process will be. If your property has experienced water damage due to a roof leak, call Joe Taylor Restoration right away. One call will result in the expertise and considerable resources necessary to remedy the situation and restore your property to its original condition.