Water Restoration Companies- Trustworthy vs Untrustworthy

Untrustworthy vs Trustworthy Water Restoration CompaniesThe unfortunate reality of the water restoration industry, especially in Florida, is that there are many unlicensed and/or untrustworthy water restoration companies that are seeking to take advantage of property owners in a water-damage crisis. It is important that you, the property owner, have some knowledge of the dangers of hiring deceptive water restoration companies, so that you can make the best decisions possible, despite the panic that may set in when you’re standing in water.

The following are the most common occurrences that take place with fraudulent water restoration companies:

  • Lack a Florida license and proper insurance, leaving the property owner without recourse if they cause additional damage or are injured on the job
  • Use misleading statements or actually falsify credentials, endorsements and business alliances
  • Misrepresent charges and fees or create loopholes that void “special offers”
  • Make unfounded promises of insurance coverage (not all water-related damage is covered by a homeowners policy)
  • Offer to file your insurance claim for you
  • Force you to sign an Assignment of Benefits- See https://jtrestoration.com/2013/water-damage-and-assignment-of-benefits.html for additional explanation.
  • Create issues that can complicate or even nullify homeowners insurance coverage
  • Use aggressive and even illegal tactics to force property owners to pay for non-insurance covered work
  • Offer to “return the deductible” by cutting fees under the table and involving the property owner in insurance fraud
  • Leave the property owner with shoddy or unfinished work with no written warrantees or other recourse

For information on resolving disputes with disreputable water restoration companies, Assignment of Benefits, and more, visit http://www.claimsjournal.com.

Joe Taylor Restoration currently serves as the preferred vendor for over 45 insurance carriers in the Florida market. Unfortunately, there are so many disreputable water restoration companies driving up costs to such an outrageous degree, that our company is called upon constantly to provide these insurance carriers with comparative estimates. Meaning, that we are trusted by the insurance companies to provide them with fair and honest estimates for the cost of jobs. We do not unnecessarily inflate costs, use Assignment of Benefits, or engage in any of the above questionable practices that put property owners at risk.

Please, don’t fall victim to untrustworthy water restoration companies. If you are faced with a water emergency, have questions or need advice on who to trust, call your insurance agent or contact Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. Honest communication is part of who we are. Our technicians will explain in detail every step of the recovery process as it pertains to your home or business, and do the job right, restoring your property to its original condition and your peace of mind.