Water Restoration Referral

Water Restoration ReferralWe at Joe Taylor Restoration pride ourselves on our superior customer service and our ability to generate referrals after a job well done. Every one of our jobs is only complete when we have a signed certificate of satisfaction from the property owner. We love to see the kind comments on these forms, the praise for specific technicians who did exceptional work, and the promises to tell family and friends to use us if the need arrises.

Recently, one of our sales associates received high fives via email from one of our partnering agents. The agent made a water restoration referral to a family member who had experienced a water loss in her home. The family member was “amazed by the professionalism and kindness of the staff at Joe Taylor Restoration,” mentioning Joe Taylor and Chris, one of our technicians, by name.

In addition, another one of the employees working in the same agency made a water restoration referral to a friend. The friend was extremely impressed with Joe Taylor Restoration, stating that we provided “superb customer service.” The friend was not one of the agency’s clients at the time of the water restoration referral, but she was so impressed with the referral that she now wants the referring agency to write her insurance- truly a “win win” for everyone involved.

The thrilled agent promised to keep the referrals coming, and closed with “thank you for treating our customers, friends and family with an unmatchable level of professionalism and courtesy.”

Yahoo! This is why we do what we do! We love to help our customers in their time of need, and then, we love to help their friends, family members, work associates, neighbors, and even strangers they meet in their time of need. To those who have referred us, thank you for trusting us to provide an unmatched service experience on every water, fire, mold and biohazard restoration job.

If you have never had to use Joe Taylor Restoration’s services, and you suddenly find yourself in need of them, contact us immediately. Let us show you why so many others do not hesitate to refer us when asked about emergency restoration services.