What is Biohazard Remediation?

biohazard remediationMurder. Suicide. Hoarding. Accidental death. If these words describe scenarios in a drama or reality TV show, then perhaps they bring with them some intrigue and you tune in. Maybe you are a faithful NCIS or Law and Order fan, and you watch with enthusiasm as the plot unfolds.

As you’re viewing your show, do you ever wonder who is responsible for the cleanup after the evidence has been collected and the crime scene has been processed by detectives and other professionals? Do you ever think about who it is that actually performs the biohazard remediation at these unfortunate crime scenes or in situations where hoarding has become unhealthy?

Companies who are experts in biohazard remediation, or “bioremediation,” are responsible for cleaning up these hazardous, sometimes gruesome situations. Only those businesses that specialize in this area truly understand the science and intricacies of the biohazard remediation and decontamination process.

According to The Claims Journal, the following are what need to be evaluated when considering a biohazard remediation provider:

OSHA Compliance: These regulations are in place to protect the bioremediation company employees and to prevent injury and potential liability for all involved. All supervisors and technicians should be trained in OSHA programs.

EPA and State Environmental Agency Compliance: The disposal of medical waste must be in accordance with federal, state and/or local regulations. Not all biohazard remediation companies are licensed to transport or store medical waste so it’s essential to understand if/how they comply with the local and national standards.

Reporting/Testing: A reputable company should be able to deliver a detailed report which catalogs every step of the cleanup process. This should include photos of the entire process as well, so the policy holder and adjuster understand why some structural materials needed to be removed, what was disposed, why the employees went through a certain amount of protective equipment, etc.

Sensitivity Training: Dealing with a flood or fire can be extremely traumatic, but it does not compare to the loss of loved one. During these traumatic situations, the family members often stay at home so it is imperative that the workers in their home are compassionate and considerate.

Claims Journal: Dissecting Biohazard Cleanup: Understanding the Process and Reducing Risk

Joe Taylor Restoration is a biohazard remediation company that meets all of the above standards. We are in compliance with the previously mentioned agencies and are extremely efficient in reporting and testing. Not only are the licensed and insured technicians at Joe Taylor Restoration trained in how best to deal with biohazards, but they will also approach each instance with sensitivity, sympathy, and professionalism.

If you would like more information, or if you are faced with a real world biohazard situation, contact the experts at Joe Taylor Restoration.