Window Leak Water Damage

window leakPerhaps it is not surprising that, after Hurricane Irma, we had an influx of calls concerning water that came into various homes and other buildings because of window leaks. With wind and rain constantly thrashing a building for an extended period of time, as with a hurricane, it is possible for strong windows to begin to leak. Even more so, if a window or windows were compromised in some way before the storm. And where there is a window leak, inevitably there is water damage, and then mold, if the leak is not fixed and the wet areas are not properly dried.

Since Irma, Joe Taylor Restoration has been about the business of addressing both window leak water damage, and mold damage in the cases where the problem was not addressed immediately. But window leak water damage is an issue we see all the time, because as most of us know, it does not take a hurricane to cause a window leak.

The following are some Common Causes of Window Leaks:

  • Bad Glass Seal – if you are seeing water inside your window between the panes of glass, you have a bad glass seal. This does not always mean that water is leaking into your home, but it does mean that your windows have lost their insulating gas—making them significantly less energy-efficient than they were when they were new.
  • Bad Window Sealant – If the window sealant—or caulk—around your window has cracks or gaps, re-caulk around the window and monitor what happens following the next rain storm.
  • Wall Leaks – it is possible that your window leaks are not window leaks at all. If you notice stains on the top part of the window frame, chances are the leak is due to a leak in your walls. Inspect your walls for sealing gaps or cracks and re-seal them to fix this problem.
  • Window Leaks When it is not Raining – many people notice water on their windows even when it is not raining and assume there is a leak somewhere. Chances are it is simply window condensation. Condensation may or may not be a problem. If it becomes a problem, you may need to take steps to mitigate the moisture in your home.

If you are experiencing window leak water damage from any of the above sources, or if you are still in need of restoration services following Hurricane Irma, please do not hesitate to contact us. One call will result in the expertise and considerable resources necessary to remedy the situation and restore your property to its original condition.