Water Damage Restoration Services

You’re standing in several inches of water – but you’re inside your home. You’ve arrived at the office to start another busy day, and find the floor covered in water. Thoughts such as: “What do I do?”, “I do not have time for this!”, and “How much will cleaning this up cost?” immediately flood your mind, along with feelings of helplessness, frustration, and even dread. Our team at Joe Taylor Restoration understands and is ready to help!

Water damage is something we know well. It is the most common cause of property damage. It can leave residential and commercial spaces waterlogged following rainstorms or plumbing leaks. But regardless of how common or the source, the impact of water damage on your home or business can be devastating. This can include:

  • Mold and mildew that can trigger asthma attacks and make allergies worse
  • Bacteria leading to rashes, flu like symptoms, and other respiratory problems
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) making conditions ripe for dust mites, rodents, and insect infestations
  • Jeopardizing the structural integrity of your space

Flooding can be incredibly destructive and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Therefore, time is of the essence when it comes to restoring your property.

the professionals

The well-trained team of technicians at Joe Taylor Restoration are ready to answer your call immediately. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our service team responds within 2 hours to your water damage emergency. Our service area covers all of Florida and Southern Georgia, and continues to expand.

Our trained professionals will assess the damage utilizing the latest technologies. We use hygrometers, moisture detectors, and thermal cameras to quickly determine water damage. We operate our equipment at no extra cost to you. These devices help identify all levels of water damage, from the slightest and obscure to the most severe and evident.

the process

Once the damage is evaluated, our team begins the recovery process. Joe Taylor Restoration offers the most comprehensive water damage restoration services by applying a system known as “top-down” or “in-place” drying. This method employs psychrometric science to assist in the drying process. It allows us to dry almost all surfaces without having to remove them from your property.

Our high-capacity air movers create a vortex. The low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers draw in cool, wet air and blow out warm, dry air. This system allows us to save drywall, wood, carpet, and more by ensuring that the property is dried completely to prevent any further issues.

Joe Taylor Restoration is fully committed to the best possible customer service. Our water damage cleanup technicians will explain in detail every step of the recovery process as it pertains to your property. We will clearly report our findings to you and your insurance carrier in a timely manner and provide a comprehensive estimate that includes photographs and properly completed paperwork. Because we know your time is important, we communicate all pertinent information to the agent or adjuster within 48 hours of job completion.

The Point

Joe Taylor Restoration’s compassionate, certified staff utilizes the latest technology and training to provide the best possible customer service and Water Damage Restoration services.

Our water damage cleanup services include:

  • 24/7 emergency water extraction services - our property restoration team is onsite within 2 hours.
  • Prompt damage assessment and estimate from trained professionals.
  • The most effective high-powered water extraction equipment used to remove water.
  • Drying and dehumidification of all affected areas using industrial grade air movers.
  • Sanitation, air purification, and deodorization, including removal of odor caused by mold and mildew.
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration.
  • Carpet and carpet padding deodorization and stain removal.
  • Assistance with the insurance claims process.

Water damage can create stress and uncertainty which is why Joe Taylor Restoration is dedicated to addressing your concerns and providing clear communication throughout the restoration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stop the source of water flow if possible (e.g., turn off the main valve supplying water to the affected area; disconnect appliances causing leaks or water overflows; seal holes, cracks, or gaps around windows or doors).

Remove as much water as safely possible using buckets, mops, or other available means. Open any closets and cupboards to allow excess water to drain instead of collecting inside cabinets. Be sure to shut off circuit breakers if working near electric outlets and unplug all electronics before moving them away from impacted areas. Move valuable and fragile items away from flooded areas and cover wooden furniture to prevent warping or swelling due to high humidity.

Call Joe Taylor Restoration as we can assess the damage, provide expert recommendations, and use specialized techniques to reduce dry out times and prevent further water damage.

Yes! There are three different types of water damage: clean water damage, grey water damage, and black water damage. Each of these references the contamination level of the water causing damage.

  • Clean water damage originates from a sanitary water source.
  • Grey water damage is caused by significantly contaminated water that may cause illness following exposure. This means that the damage may contain unsafe levels of bacteria.
  • Black water damage is caused by water that is grossly contaminated. Exposure can lead to severe reactions.

The most common causes for residential and commercial water damage are roof leaks, pipe bursts, clogged drains in appliances, sprinkler malfunctions, water heater failure, HVAC units, sewer and sewage backup, and structural damage.

We work with insurance agents, homeowners, and commercial property owners throughout Florida. Learn about some of our customers’ experiences working with us.

If you have a water-based emergency, call Joe Taylor Restoration immediately at 888.814.1455.

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