Customer Spotlight: Delray Beach, Florida

This month’s Customer Spotlight: Delray Beach, Florida highlights something very important to our company- our desire to provide each of our customers with a better service experience than they have ever encountered: PROVIDING AN UNMATCHED SERVICE EXPERIENCE℠. Mold Remediation can be a huge frustration and inconvenience for any property owner. Therefore, it is extremely important

Water Damage and Hoarding- Lake Worth, Florida

Water damage is difficult enough to deal with. But when a property owner experiences water damage in a hoarding environment, the problem can become completely overwhelming. Luckily, for a homeowner in Lake Worth, Florida, Joe Taylor Restoration knows to handle both water damage and hoarding. And in the end, we were able to help restore the

Smoke Damage- Boca Raton, Florida

A condo in Boca Raton, Florida- lovely, comfortable- that is until the downstairs neighbor has a fire. Fortunately, for our Boca customer, fire fighters were called before the blaze got out of control and the flames reached her condo. Unfortunately, smoke from below came through her air conditioning unit, providing her with at least equal,

Drain Hose Water Damage- Boynton Beach, Florida

The washing machine is a very convenient appliance. But it can quickly become extremely inconvenient if the drain hose comes loose, allowing waste water to flood the area around the washing machine and cause significant drain hose water damage to your property. What is a drain hose? The drain hose on your washing machine allows

Fire Damage Emergency- Hialeah, Florida

‘Tis the season for lots of love, joy, and giving. But also, unfortunately, for a lot of residential accidents, including fire damage emergencies. One such fire damage emergency in Hialeah, Florida involved a leaf blower that caught fire on the homeowner’s deck. Most of the fire damage restoration jobs that Joe Taylor Restoration responds to