Drain Hose Water Damage- Boynton Beach, Florida

The washing machine is a very convenient appliance. But it can quickly become extremely inconvenient if the drain hose comes loose, allowing waste water to flood the area around the washing machine and cause significant drain hose water damage to your property. What is a drain hose? The drain hose on your washing machine allows

Fire Damage Emergency- Hialeah, Florida

‘Tis the season for lots of love, joy, and giving. But also, unfortunately, for a lot of residential accidents, including fire damage emergencies. One such fire damage emergency in Hialeah, Florida involved a leaf blower that caught fire on the homeowner’s deck. Most of the fire damage restoration jobs that Joe Taylor Restoration responds to

Mold Remediation in Hollywood, Florida

When a water heater bursts in a home, the resulting water damage is already a hassle to any homeowner. But when the presence of water quickly results in mold growth, the hassle becomes a huge headache. Add to the headache a pre-existing respiratory condition, as with the case of a homeowner in Hollywood, Florida, and you end

Joe Taylor Restoration Instagram Takeover- @faucareercenter

Joe Taylor Restoration had the privilege of “taking over” Instagram for the FAU Career Center this past Tuesday! We have so many current and former FAU students who are part of our team, so we loved partnering with FAU for this Instagram takeover. If you’d like to check it out, login to Instagram and search

Water Damage Over Time

Dealing with water damage can be a real challenge for property owners, not only right after the water loss, but in the long run, if water damage progresses. Whether the source of the water damage involves heavy rain or leaky pipes, if it is not dealt with quickly and efficiently, water damage over time can result in