Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

Surviving a fire is a difficult, ongoing process that doesn’t end when you make it out of your home or business safely. Once the flames are put out and the soot has settled, it’s time to think about repairing your property. Joe Taylor Restoration wants to inform and help you through this difficult process as

New Construction Water Damage

There is so much new construction happening all over the state of Florida. It seems like there is a home, a high rise, or some other type of building currently being built on every piece of available land. With all that construction going on, there are bound to be jobs with some building missteps, delays

September Home Maintenance Checklist

With summer coming to a close, and school starting, September is a great time to focus on home maintenance, making sure your home is in its best condition and operating in a fully functional capacity. The following is a basic Home Maintenance Checklist that can be revisited with every change of season, and hopefully keep

Immediate Action After Water Damage

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we talk a lot about the need for immediate action after water damage affects your home or business. But why? What are the consequences of waiting to call a licensed, insured, and experienced water damage restoration company to handle property water damage? The First 24 – 48 Hours: What You Need

Snowbirds Leaving Florida: How to Prevent Fire, Mold and Water Damage

It’s almost Easter weekend, which means many “snowbirds” will soon be making the trip back to their homes in cooler climates. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a “snowbird” is someone from the U.S. Northeast or Midwest, Pacific Northwest, or Canada who spends a large portion of the winter season