Water Leak- Prevention and Detection

In last week’s blog, we discussed an attic water leak and the water damage that ensued in a Fort Pierce, Florida home. After the water leak was detected and repaired, the homeowner employed Joe Taylor Restoration to address the water damage. We did our job well, and his home was completely restored. Water damage restoration was

Attic Water Leak- Fort Pierce, Florida

An attic water leak can be especially frustrating, particularly because water flows downhill. In other words, if water begins to leak at the top of a building, aka the attic, and it is not stopped immediately, it will progress downward, soaking drywall, ceilings, insulation, flooring, basically everything in its path. This is known as a

Mold Containment

For the average person, mold can be a tricky adversary. It is a very small, incredibly durable, micro-sized enemy, that is invisible to the naked eye as it spreads through the air. But for experts in mold remediation, like those at Joe Taylor Restoration, mold is a predictable foe and mold containment is the means

Mold in the Walls- Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Recently, Joe Taylor Restoration had a call for mold remediation in Royal Palm Beach, Florida because of mold in the walls between the master closet and the garage and laundry area. A pipe in the wall had begun to leak and the leak was not detected until the homeowner started to notice a musty smell

Kitchen Fire- Jupiter, Florida

A kitchen fire can start simply enough when a pan on the stove gets a bit too hot or is left a little too long. But it can quickly become a major problem to a structure and its occupants. That’s what happened recently for a family in Jupiter, Florida. They were cooking with grease, which