Animal Infestation Clean Up

animal infestation clean up Are there mice in the attic? Rats in the walls? Squirrels that have decided they would rather live inside your home or business than in a nearby tree? This is known as animal infestation, which is, of course, a biohazard. Joe Taylor Restoration is very familiar with all types of biohazard jobs, including animal infestation clean up.

We recently helped a family in Wellington, Florida that had a major problem. The homeowner started noticing small animal droppings all around the house and hearing loud rustling sounds in the walls at night. The homeowner suspected mice were responsible, and called pest control right away to oust them from his house and make sure they didn’t come back.

But then there was the problem of the animal infestation clean up. So he called Joe Taylor Restoration, knowing that we specialize in biohazard removal. We got to work right away, deodorizing and sanitizing all of the affected areas to ensure that the home was safe for its human inhabitants.

Perhaps now you’re wondering how to know if you have an animal infestation problem and whether or not you need to call in professionals to take care of it. The following are 4 hints that you have a problem, like our friends in Wellington, and you need to call in professionals for help:

1) You Notice Animal Droppings

While relatively small compared to other animal droppings, the feces of mice, squirrels and even birds and bats can be dangerous and lead to numerous health-related problems. Feces can often carry spores and bacteria that have the potential to become airborne when disturbed. Also, if left unnoticed for a longer period of time, the accumulation of feces and urine can lead to damaged insulation and wood which will need to be cleaned and perhaps replaced. Experts in animal infestation clean up understand the risks involved and are trained in the proper procedures of removing feces and urine in order to avoid the potential diseases and conditions critters can carry.

2) Animal Noises Increase in Volume Indicating a Sizable Population

One or two animals can typically be dealt with fairly easily and without much effort. However, if numbers begin to grow, you will most likely begin to hear signs of it. Scampering and jumping sounds, along with scratching or gnawing can hint at significant damage and should be dealt with accordingly. Pest control professionals have the ability and knowledge to rid your home of however large an animal population becomes, and can quickly discern where they may have entered and the repairs that must be made to prevent further invasions.

3) Significant Internal or External Damage has Occurred

Though small, critters have the ability to cause extensive damage to a building’s structure. From holes in siding, to chewed electrical wires, damaged shingles or ruined insulation, animals can inflict quite a bit of destruction. Exterior damage created by a critter can also lead to a welcoming entrance for even more animals, so attending to damage with the help of an expert as soon as it is noticed is very important.

4) You Notice a Foul Smell

A building provides a new environment for critters, and just like anything in life that is unfamiliar, there may be risks to exploring the unknown. Falling between walls or frying themselves on electrical wiring are common causes of death for pests and will leave a dead and decaying animal in your house. Also, feces and urine can begin to smell rather quickly, particularly if the number of animals is large, and the area of their infestation is hot. Animals’ feces, urine, and death create big health risks for humans and should be dealt with immediately by an animal infestation clean up expert.

Animal infestation is not pretty, and neither is animal infestation clean up. If you find yourself with unwelcome critters in your home or business, call in professionals for pest removal, and then call Joe Taylor Restoration. We will see to it that your property is rid of any evidence of animal infestation and returned to a completely healthy and sanitary state. When it comes to the safety of you, your family and the people you care about, trusting the experts is a decision that you simply will not regret.