Basement Water Damage- Palm Coast, Florida

basement water damageWhen one thinks of a basement, perhaps one pictures a large winter home somewhere up north with rooms underground that contain bins of Christmas ornaments, skiing equipment, or even a second kitchen. But basements are not just for northern homes. Many Floridians, particularly in Central Florida, have basements as part of their properties. And where there are basements, there is always the possibility for basement water damage.

The trouble with basement water damage, is that the basement is often times used exclusively for storage. Meaning, if water enters the basement, it may not be noticed right away, creating a breeding ground for mold. But even if a water loss is immediately detected, there may be boxes and other things filling the basement that will all need to be removed to properly address the basement water damage and either prevent mold from setting in, or address any that’s already present.

Such was the case recently for a homeowner in Palm Coast, Florida. A hot water heater malfunctioned and flooded the entire basement, consisting of 3 rooms and a laundry room. Then, because it was not immediately addressed, mold also became an issue.

If the basement had been empty, the job would have been fairly straight forward. However, the basement was serving as the family’s storage unit and was packed with their belongings.

So much so that, after determining what contents were affected, two portable storage containers were filled by our technicians. Then, the containers were moved to an off site, climate controlled, storage facility where the contents could be safely kept until such time as the basement water damage, and the resulting mold damage could be remediated.

Basement water damage can be an extremely frustrating and costly issue. If you find your basement under water, or you discover mold, do not hesitate- contact Joe Taylor Restoration. The Palm Coast homeowner was relieved and incredibly pleased, saying he “would highly recommend Joe Taylor Restoration and all their knowledgable staff in the future.” If you need emergency restoration of any kind, let us show you how we can help too.