Biohazard Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

Some of the messiest and, in some cases, most interesting jobs Joe Taylor Restoration responds to are those that are considered biohazard. Biohazard situations include animal infestation and decomposition, trauma and crime scenes, severe odor contamination, and unattended or undiscovered death. These circumstances are never pretty and most people would not want to deal with the necessary cleanup and restoration involved. But the licensed and insured technicians  at Joe Taylor Restoration are well versed in what to do in any and all biohazard situations, ensuring their own safety and the safety of those who are affected.

A few months ago, Joe Taylor Restoration was called out on a job that gripped the hearts of all the technicians and members of our company. A group of three burglars broke into the home of a police officer in West Palm Beach, allegedly to steal guns and money. The officer was not home at the time, however, his dog was. And when this faithful companion attempted to protect the home, the armed intruders shot him several times. The officer came home to a ransacked house and a severely wounded best friend. The extremely sad end to the story is that despite attempts by the very best in veterinary medicine, the dog did not make it, and the officer had to return home alone to a heart breaking scene.

That is where Joe Taylor Restoration stepped in. The officer had experienced terrible trauma as a result of the break-in and the loss of his dog. The last thing he needed to worry about was cleaning up what was left behind when the thieves broke in and injured his beloved friend. Our technicians rid the house of all potentially harmful bacteria, stains, and any other remnants of the struggle that had ensued between the dog and the intruders, and returned the home to its pre-loss condition.

If you encounter a biohazard in West Palm Beach or elsewhere in Florida, you can trust Joe Taylor Restoration to professionally remove and neutralize biological hazards and to sensitively approach each situation, adding as little emotional stress as possible to families and business owners.

Our Biohazard Services Include:

  • Distressed Property/Vandalism
  • Filth Cleanup/Hoarding Cleanup
  • Trauma/Crime Scenes
  • Suicide/Homicide Scenes
  • Unattended or Undiscovered Death
  • Animal Infestation and Decomposition
  • Severe Odor Contamination