Biohazard Cleaning Services Review

Most of the scenarios surrounding biohazard cleaning services are very difficult for customers and technicians alike. This is because biohazard damage restoration is needed in cases where there is trauma, homicide, suicide, undiscovered death, hoarding and the like. At Joe Taylor Restoration, we always strive to deliver an unmatched service experience to our customers. But

Office Water Damage- Coral Springs, Florida

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we love to help property owners with their restoration emergencies, no matter if the property is a condo, house, office building, etc. Recently, we had the privilege of helping an orthodontist and property owner with office water damage in Coral Springs, Florida. An orthodontist wants to focus on their patients and

Mold Prevention Tips

Recently, we talked about toxic mold that was discovered on Thanksgiving Day, and the upheaval that that kind of discovery can bring to one’s holiday season. So in an effort to keep mold out of our holiday plans, the following are some mold prevention tips for home and business owners alike: MOLD PREVENTION TIPS Keep

Toxic Mold for Thanksgiving- Plantation, Florida

The holidays are upon us! And for all the wonder and merriment they will bring, inevitably, for some of us, the holidays will also usher in some real disasters. Wether it be huge family arguments or the discovery of toxic mold on Thanksgiving Day, sadly, “the most wonderful time of the year” is not exempt

Five Steps of Fire Damage Restoration

As of late, our weekly blog posts have been focused on fire damage, as well as the other types of property damage that can result from a fire. This week, we will continue our focus on fire damage, but this time, zero in on the job of restoration experts and the five steps of fire damage