Mold Tips

When water from a leaky roof or broken pipe invades your home or business, mold can set in in as little as 48 hours, especially in Florida. And that mold is capable of causing health complications and significant property damage. So here are some easy mold tips that can help things go a bit more

There’s Rain In The House!- Clermont, Florida

  There’s rain in the house! The video above is an example of one of, if not the worst nightmare for a property owner. No matter the type of building, it is a huge problem for a property owner when it’s raining inside. And, unfortunately, it happens more often than one might think. Thankfully, the

Toilet Leak Water Damage

It’s been a little while since we talked about the toilet. It’s very important to all of us and we all visit it often, but no one really wants to talk or think about it. Not considering it, though, could result in toilet leak water damage and a real mess! The truth about toilets, aside

Electrical Fire- Palm Bay, Florida

Joe Taylor Restoration is privileged to provide homeowners with fire damage restoration services following fires of all sorts in all kinds of scenarios. Often, however, the type is an electrical fire that causes not only fire damage, but ash and soot damage as well. Such was the case recently for a homeowner in Palm Bay,

Prevent Water Damage while Traveling

Many of us had to cancel much anticipated trips and adventures last summer. So a lot of families are in the process of making travel plans, and greatly looking forward to vacationing this summer, though perhaps slightly altered. We, at Joe Taylor Restoration, want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible with friends and