Celebrating Joe Taylor Restoration’s 20th Anniversary

20 years

Joe Taylor Restoration is so proud to announce that as of October 31, 2022, we are celebrating 20 years in property restoration! We are so thankful for 20 years of working alongside insurance carriers and agencies, helping property owners when they need it most.

For those of you who don’t know our story, it of course, begins with our founder and owner, Joe Taylor. Like so many Floridians who originally came from the Northeast, Joe Taylor traveled to Florida from New Jersey for vacation in 1995. He loved the tropical climate and the Florida lifestyle so much, that he decided to stay.

In 2002, Joe Taylor bought into a franchise network and began working out of his garage. A person of great character with a solid work ethic, he was completely dedicated to building a successful company, one that his customers could count on to provide exceptional property mitigation services coupled with an equal measure of human care and compassion.

Today, Joe Taylor and his company, Joe Taylor Restoration, are still dedicated to the same mission. However, the company has outgrown Joe’s garage by quite a bit. With five offices currently in operation, and more opening soon, our coverage area spans almost the entire state of Florida. It has become one of the largest restoration and remediation companies in the country to focus solely on the remediation and mitigation processes and not on construction or reconstruction.

With this singular focus, Joe Taylor Restoration has become the preferred vendor for over 65 insurance carriers in the Florida market, as well as the first choice for property owners in need of restoration and remediation services. The reason for that is simple… we handle property emergency services, including waterfiremold or biohazard restoration and remediation, better than the competition, period.

We are thrilled to be celebrating our silver anniversary, and we’re praying for many more years of PROVIDING AN UNMATCHED SERVICE EXPERIENCE® in Florida and beyond!