Christmas Tree Fire Safety

Christmas Tree Fire Safety 2It’s that time of year. Christmas. When decorations fill the stores, wish lists are made, travel plans are arranged, and we find ourselves humming Christmas carols as we hear them played wherever we go. “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches!” They are so lovely; bright green branches, bringing the smell of pine into our homes, laden with beautiful ornaments and lights of all different shapes and colors. And that, of course, is exactly how we want our Christmas trees to stay. Certainly not charred and fire-affected.

Christmas tree fire safety is most likely one of the last things we are thinking about as we carefully choose a tree, tie it to the roof of our car, set it up at home and decorate it with our families. But according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), although Christmas tree fires are not common, when they do occur, they are more likely to be serious. On average, one of every 31 reported home structure Christmas tree fires results in a death compared to an average of one death per 144 total reported home structure fires. That said, a Christmas tree fire is not something we need to focus on or fear, if we take a few simple initial precautions to ensure Christmas tree fire safety.

The USFA gives the following Ten Simple Suggestions for Christmas Tree Fire Safety:  

  1. Natural trees should be cut at a 45 degree angle at the base and placed in water.
  2. Make sure your tree is at least 3 feet from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, candles or heat vents.
  3. Use only nonflammable decorations.
  4. Use only lighting that has been evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL).
  5. Inspect lights for frayed wire or other defects before use.
  6. Connect no more than 3 strands of mini light sets.
  7. Connect no more than 50 bulbs for screw in light sets.
  8. Do not leave lights on unattended.
  9. Keep natural tree stands filled with water at all times
  10. When the tree becomes dry, discard it promptly.

Hopefully, the above tips and other provisions taken as suggested by the USFA will prevent any Christmas fires from occurring in your home or business. However, if a fire does occur, let the Fire Department do their job first, and then call the professionals at Joe Taylor Restoration. We are ready to respond to your fire emergency within 2 hours of your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our restoration technicians understand the need for quick response. When it comes to fire, smoke, and soot damage, urgent remediation is key to controlling any escalating costs. The longer the neutralization, corrosion control and cleaning is delayed, the more extensive the damage and the higher the cost of restoration. Our professionals will utilize the latest technology to assess the damage, appropriate to the kind of fire that occurred, and get to work immediately on the recovery process. Our hope though, is that your Christmas tree fire safety efforts are effective, and that you and your loved ones have a joyful, fire-free holiday season and a favorable and prosperous new year!