Drain Hose Water Damage- Boynton Beach, Florida

drain hose water damageThe washing machine is a very convenient appliance. But it can quickly become extremely inconvenient if the drain hose comes loose, allowing waste water to flood the area around the washing machine and cause significant drain hose water damage to your property.

What is a drain hose?

The drain hose on your washing machine allows laundry waste water to drain out of the machine and into a sink or standpipe, also called a drain pipe. Your laundry room may have a special alcove built into the wall, called a drain pipe receiver, that holds this hose securely. If not, you must fasten the hose to prevent it from coming loose.

Drain hose water damage

If it does come loose, you will be faced with the headache of drain hose water damage, and perhaps a similar situation to our recent customers in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their drain hose came loose and flooded the garage, laundry room, dining room, master bathroom, and master closet. They were able to stop the water, and even have a plumber fix the issue, but then they were at a loss.

The solution for drain hose water damage

Frustrated and overwhelmed, they called Joe Taylor Restoration for help. Our technicians were out within two hours and immediately began conducting a thorough physical moisture inspection using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters. Toe-kicks and baseboards were removed in key areas to properly dry building materials. And all necessary mechanical drying equipment was deployed.

In the end, to the great relief of the homeowners, the home was completely restored to its original condition.

If you or someone you know find yourself faced with drain hose water damage, any other type of water damage, or in need of fire, mold or biohazard remediation, contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We are ready to effectively handle all kinds of property emergencies, big or small.