Fire Damage Remediation- Lake Worth, Florida

When fire rages out of control, the results can be totally devastating, and the need for fire damage remediation becomes imperative.

fire damage remediation

Such was the case in Lake Worth, FL. This particular fire took place in the garage, and began accidentally with children playing. One would think that the fire could have been contained there before it migrated to the main part of the house. But the fire spread too quickly, and the family was forced to evacuate, relying on the fire department to save any portion of the house they could.

Thankfully, the fire fighters were able to save the structure itself, but the entire interior of the home was affected. Once the fire was extinguished, Joe Taylor Restoration was called in to remediate the fire damage. The total contents of the home had to be removed, and an attempt was made to save and clean the furniture and other contents that were not badly burned. Drywall,  insulation, cabinetry, doors, etc. throughout the home also had to be removed. In addition, air scrubbers and professional cleaning and sealing techniques were used to deal with the extensive smoke and ash damage. But when the fire damage remediation was complete, the home was safe and ready for a contractor to come in and begin to rebuild.

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we see to it that any home damaged by fire is remediated properly and professionally. Because our sole focus is on restoration and not on reconstruction, we will never remove anything from a fire damaged home unless it is absolutely necessary, and we will never remove more than is necessary. We will do only what the fire damage remediation portion of the job requires, and we will do it expertly and completely.

Then, once our job is done, the contractor of the property owner’s choice, or one recommended by the insurance agent or carrier, can come in and rebuild the affected area, or in this case the complete interior of the home, back to its original state. With Joe Taylor Restoration, there is no conflict of interest, and we only do what we do best. If you or someone you know is in need of fire damage remediation, contact Joe Taylor Restoration for a company you can trust to do the best possible job.