Flood Restoration- Oakland Park, Florida

Some of the worst cases of flood damage occur when a water loss begins on the second, third, or higher floor of a building and cascades downward through the ceiling and down the walls of the floors underneath, soaking everything in its path. This type of water loss is called a top down water loss. Unfortunately for a home owner in Oakland Park, Florida, that is exactly what happened, putting him in immediate need of flood restoration.

flood restoration In this case, the source of the water damage was uncertain, but it began in the second floor hallway bathroom. All the tile in this bathroom had to be removed due to extreme saturation. Bamboo flooring made up the rest of the second story flooring in the home, flooring that Joe Taylor Restoration was eventually able to dry and save.

Thankfully, the second floor was not a total loss, but because of the top down effect, the entire first floor of the home was affected. The kitchen cabinets needed to be removed, all the kitchen appliances were damaged, the furniture on the first floor was ruined, and a large portion of the ceiling, drywall and the flooring on the first floor was affected as well.

A large amount of equipment was deployed to dry both floors of the home, including extra large dehumidifiers, large dehumidifiers, extra large air scrubbers, and even a generator. The use of a generator was necessary because of the possibility of electrical failure throughout the water logged home.

With all that the flood restoration required, this was only the first phase of the necessary work on this home. The water rich environment also resulted in mold growth in the structural parts of the home. Therefore, phase two of this job would require mold remediation.

Joe Taylor Restoration is the best and most experienced flood restoration and mold remediation company to handle these disastrous types of circumstances. If you are facing water and/or mold damage like the homeowner in Oakland Park, don’t hesitate, contact us today.