Flood Restoration Services

Flood damage. The phrase conjures up images of submerged basements, saturated furniture, and hurricane wreckage. For those of us who live in South Florida, it seems we can not escape it. If we haven’t been hit by a hurricane recently, then we or someone we know has had a pipe burst, or the line to the washing machine has come loose at home. And suddenly, we are faced with not just water damage, but flood damage, and we are in need of flood restoration services. Such was the case for a couple in Delray Beach, FL….twice in a row.

flood restoration services

This home in Delray Beach was lovely; 10,000 square feet, rambling and pristine, down to the rich mahogany in the library. Until one day, the hot water heater broke in the master suite and flooded half the house. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the couple has young triplets, and the entire family was forced to move out of the home and into a hotel.

The homeowners’ greatest concern was the affect the flood water would have on the wood in that stunning library. They thought surely it would have to be replaced. Joe Taylor Restoration is an expert in flood restoration services, and the capable technicians deployed dehumidifiers, Oct-Dris, HEPA air scrubbers, and air movers, and did the work necessary to return the home to its original condition. At the end of it all, to the homeowners’ amazement, their home was beautiful again; completely dry and the mahogany in the library was saved!

This would be the perfect ending to an otherwise ruinous story. However, two months later, this same lovely home was flooded again. This time, the source was a crack in the filter under the kitchen sink, fed by a supply line. Having had such a good experience with Joe Taylor Restoration’s experienced staff the first time, the homeowner called Joe Taylor Restoration immediately.


When the technicians arrived to provide flood restoration services yet again, they were pleasantly surprised with dinner- the couple’s way of saying thank you for coming so quickly. However, the technicians quickly made the not so pleasant discovery that the majority of the house was under water, affecting most everything, including the valuable timber in the library. The overwhelmed homeowners once again moved to a hotel with their triplets. A significant amount of equipment and specialized technology, including forty-six air movers, was installed to dry out the flooded house. And again, the technicians at Joe Taylor Restoration were able to repair the flood damage and rescue the beloved library.

Flood damage happens under many circumstances. The important thing to remember is that if it happens in your home or business, Joe Taylor Restoration is the best flood restoration company to provide flood restoration services and give you peace of mind when you are in over your head.