Shower Leak Turned Mold Remediation- Lakeland, Florida

shower leakThe subject of this week’s blog comes to us from Polk County, one of Joe Taylor Restoration’s more recently added coverage areas, where a shower leak resulted in both water and mold damage.

Most homes contain at least one shower. Therefore, it is quite common for Joe Taylor Restoration to address property water damage that has been caused by a shower leak. However, it is not every shower leak that results in mold damage.

But for a homeowner in Lakeland, Florida, that is exactly what happened. In her case, the shower leak was more of a flood. A pipe burst that sent water into not only the bathroom, but into three subsequent bedrooms and their closets. Water had saturated the walls, baseboards, and even the laminate floors throughout the affected areas. But the damage didn’t stop there. Upon arrival, our technicians also discovered that mold had begun to set it.

Joe Taylor Restoration got to work right away removing the unsalvageable laminate flooring and setting up the appropriate equipment to expedite the drying process. They also deployed air scrubbers to help minimize the spread of microbial growth and began to address the mold damage as well.

Because Joe Taylor Restoration is an expert in water, mold, fire and biohazard remediation we were able to quickly and efficiently address both of this homeowner’s property restoration needs. In the end, the home was deemed dry and free from the presence of mold and mildew. The customer was relived and extremely pleased, stating that our technicians were “very professional and respectful” and she would not hesitate to refer our services to friends and family in the future.

If a shower leak or any other source causes water damage and/or mold damage in your home or business, please do not hesitate to contact us. Joe Taylor Restoration will effectively remediate the damage and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.