Shower Leak Water Damage

A long hot shower at the end of a grueling day is often just what the doctor ordered. A shower’s soothing spray can wash away dirt and grime as well as the stress of the day. But if that same water starts to escape the shower and pool where it should not, sigh, the stress returns at three times what it was before. Unfortunately, shower leak water damage is a common occurrence and can happen as a result of several different parts of the shower.

shower leak water damageAccording to all-knowing Google, the “shower pan,” also known as a shower base, is a single-construction waterproof floor that includes the drain and is meant to protect the subfloor in a shower area. This floor is usually made of concrete, terrazzo, concrete and tile, or metal, and is perhaps not as “waterproof” as we would all like to think. If the shower pan is missing grout or has loose tiles, is poorly sloped, or has unintentional space where the wall and the floor meet, the result will be shower leak water damage.

And the shower pan is only one part of the shower that could cause a problem. If your bathroom is smelling musty, the tiles are changing to a darker color, damp patches are appearing on the other side of a wall, or there are other evident signs of shower leak water damage; it could be due to any of the following:

• Pinholes in grout
• Poorly grouted tiles
• Leaking pipework behind the wall
• No puddle flange installed under the floor grate
• No fluid aprons installed around tapware in wall penetrations
• Internal corners and bottom row of tiles not grouted with silicone
• Cut edges of tiles exposed in shower
• Structural movement of the building
• Waterproofing membrane not included in installation
• Tiles not correctly bedded into adhesiveshower leak water damage.

The above list is not exhaustive and many other reasons could be added that generally point to either poor workmanship or failure to follow the building code during the construction of a bathroom.

That said, dealing with shower leak water damage is a job for experts. These experts could include a plumber, a water damage restoration technician, and a contractor, to name a few. Let Joe Taylor Restoration help you with the water damage portion of your shower leak water damage. We promise to respond within 2 hours to your water damage emergency, and will assess the damage utilizing the latest technologies, such as hygrometers and moisture detectors. Thermal cameras specifically allow us to determine the damage quickly and are operated at no extra cost.

The above devices identify all levels of water damage, from the slightest and most obscure to the most severe and evident. And if your shower leak water damage has already turned into mold damage, we can help with that too. Shower leak water damage can be a major problem, so contact the professionals at Joe Taylor Restoration for major help in your time of need.