Toilet Supply Line Causes Water Damage in Pompano Beach, Florida

water damage in pompano beachThe toilet supply line ensures that water is constantly available to flush the all-important toilet. Without it, the unpleasant contents of the toilet could not be carried away from our homes and businesses and into the sewers where they belong. But with it, comes the constant possibility of its failure and the potential for it to flood the buildings in which we live and work.

Recently, a homeowner experienced water damage in Pompano Beach, Florida because of a broken toilet supply line. The supply line to her master bathroom toilet faltered and flooded her entire house within hours. The panicked homeowner contacted Joe Taylor Restoration as soon as the water was discovered, but extensive damage had already been done.

When our technicians responded to the call concerning water damage in Pompano Beach, they discovered 3 inches of standing water in the entire home. There was elevated moisture levels in every room, including the living room, kitchen, office, master bathroom, master bedroom, master closet, hallway, guest bathroom, both guest bedrooms, laundry room and garage.

Unfortunately, the laminated wood flooring throughout the house sustained severe water damage and had to be removed from the living room, kitchen, office, master bedroom, master closet and hallway. The baseboards had to be detached from all affected areas, and it was necessary to remove the toe kicks from the cabinets in the kitchen and all the bathrooms, as well as the soaked insulation from the walls of the garage. In addition, an extensive amount of water had to be extracted from the carpets in the home.

Our technicians worked tirelessly to ensure that proper restoration was carried out. Over 40 pieces of mechanical drying equipment were deployed to address the water damage in Pompano Beach, ensuring that mold would not have the chance to emerge. All in all, a rather large residential job, considering the cause was just a small toilet supply line attached to one toilet.

Toilet supply lines can cause big problems. But Joe Taylor Restoration has you covered whether you are dealing with water damage in Pompano Beach, or another part of Florida. If, like the homeowner above, you find 3 inches of standing water in your home or business, call Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. The sooner water damage can be addressed, the more likely you are to avoid mold damage and further destruction. But even if mold has the chance to set in, we can handle that too. The experts at Joe Taylor Restoration will thoroughly address water and/or mold damage and restore your property to its original condition.