Tornado Damage- Cape Coral, Florida

As mentioned in a previous post, Florida residents have recently been experiencing tornado warnings popping up on their cell phones and blaring from their television speakers. Although in these situations the wind and the rain is almost always more intense than the usual thunderstorm, the weather heralded by these warnings most often does not result in an emergency. However, for one man in Cape Coral, the warnings announced a very real, very fierce tornado, and the tornado damage that followed was comprehensive.

tornado damageWhen the technicians with Joe Taylor Restoration responded to the home of this Cape Coral resident, they saw immediately that the entire house was affected by tornado damage. Sections of the roof were missing, doors had come off their hinges and windows had been blown out. Even some of the tiles on the front patio had come loose and were sprinkled about the yard. A roof tarp would have to be installed before restoration could begin.

Inside the home, the tornado damage continued. It was obvious that water had gushed through the holes in the roof, taking down parts of the ceiling and saturating the walls. The carpet in the entire house was soaked and had to be removed. The baseboards also had to be removed and much of the contents of the house as well.

Unfortunately, the tornado damage was so severe that the electrical power could not be restored to the man’s property until specific repairs could be made. However, his next door neighbor had power and was willing to share it. With this assistance, the technicians could proceed immediately with drying and other restoration practices so as to prevent further damage.

This Cape Coral resident and many others like him were not only shaken by a serious weather event, but they were also then faced with the daunting effects of tornado damage. All of us at Joe Taylor Restoration hope that you do not find yourself in similar circumstances. However, if you or a loved one does experience tornado damage, contact Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. One call will result in the expertise and considerable resources necessary to remedy the situation and restore your property to its pre-storm condition.