Toxic Mold for Thanksgiving- Plantation, Florida

toxic moldThe holidays are upon us! And for all the wonder and merriment they will bring, inevitably, for some of us, the holidays will also usher in some real disasters. Wether it be huge family arguments or the discovery of toxic mold on Thanksgiving Day, sadly, “the most wonderful time of the year” is not exempt from frustration and disappointments.

For a business owner in Plantation, Florida, the Thanksgiving holiday last year did not prove to bring with it as much cause for, well, thanksgiving. The owner discovered a large amount of toxic mold in her building, and placed an emergency phone call to Joe Taylor Restoration Thanksgiving morning.

She was most concerned about how the toxic mold could affect her customers, and wanted it taken care of immediately. Always willing to help, rain or shine, holiday or not, our technicians responded that very day, putting their own celebrations on hold in order to help the frantic business owner.

The building was an older building that, upon inspection, proved to have had a few plumbing leaks in the past, and had also suffered a flood that began in the adjacent restaurant. Unfortunately, the water losses had not been taken care of properly, and now the business owner was faced with a great deal of toxic mold.

Our technicians set up mold containment, used air scrubbers to thoroughly clean the air, and also brought in dehumidifiers for climate control, staving off any further microbial growth.

Despite the previous water losses and the mold issue, Joe Taylor Restoration was able to rid the building of any problems and restore it to a state of cleanliness and safety for the owner and customers alike. The business owner was incredibly grateful that we responded right away, even on a holiday, putting her mind at ease.

With Thanksgiving exactly one week away, we want to remind everyone that whether it’s mold, water, fire, or biohazard damage that’s putting a damper on your holiday spirits, we are here for you! Joe Taylor Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, to respond to all your emergency restoration needs. We hope you won’t need to contact us, but if you do, we are here to serve!