Turning Relationships into Sales

Recently, I read an article on the Harvard Business Review concerning sales. The subject was how to turn relationships into sales. Being in a role in which I assist insurance carriers and agencies as they drive down costs and improve upon customer service retention, I thought back on numerous conversations I have had with agency owners, agents, customer service representatives and many others in the sales field, and I thought that sharing an article on how to increase sales was only natural, and this one, a must share.

The crux of the article from within the context of insurance is that since we are currently in an economic downturn, as agents, you are seeing more and more customers and clients shop their insurance in an attempt to get the lowest premiums possible. However, my belief is, and has always been, that if the customer believes that he or she is getting a great product or service for the price, then the customer rarely feels the need to shop around and the customer is retained. Thus proving the importance of offering an exceptional level of service, coupled with a great product. 

Take a look at the article below and ask yourself: In an industry of exact product offerings, what am I doing to differentiate myself from the competition?  And then, how am I converting relationships into sales?

As an organization that provides the highest level of service in the water, fire and mold remediation industry, we are afforded the opportunity to currently serve over 30 insurance carriers in the Florida market and partner with over 500 insurance agencies. Our clients point to us as the benchmark in our industry, and have found that working with us has had dramatic positive effects on lowering loss ratios and increasing customer service, improving retention in turn. If you would like to know more, please email Aaron Getty at agetty@JTrestoration.com.


How to Turn a Relationship into a Sale