Water Leak from the Neighbor- Naples, Florida

water leak from the neighborWhat type of property damage do we most commonly see at Joe Taylor Restoration? Water damage. And what kind of water damage is one of the most frustrating for property owners? Water damage that came as a result of a water leak from the neighbor.

Whether the leak comes from the ceiling above or through the walls and floors, a water leak from the neighbor is a total surprise headache. As a property owner, you can do everything possible to keep your appliances working properly, pipes new and affixed correctly, etc., and still experience major water damage in your condo, apartment, or townhouse with a water leak from the neighbor.

This is precisely what happened recently to condo owner in Naples, Florida. In this case, the water came through the walls affecting the foyer, hallway, guest bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. So much so that there was standing water throughout these areas.

Thankfully, the owner in the unit where the leak originated repaired the issue right away. This left our customer to simply address the resulting water damage, and not to have to deal with an ongoing flood. He called us for water damage restoration, and as always, we were happy to help! Joe Taylor Restoration was able to ensure that a water leak from the neighbor did not additionally result in mold damage to his property.

If you find yourself with a water leak from the neighbor, do not hesitate! Contact Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. We will see to it that your property is restored and that the water leak from the neighbor doesn’t become an unnecessary ongoing frustration.