Upcoming Newsletters and Core Values

core valuesHappy Tuesday Everyone!!

We are excited to share with you a couple new newsletters we will be doing.

First will be an employee spotlight: every month we will highlight one of our amazing team members who make the magic happen here at Joe Taylor Restoration.

The second will be a customer spotlight: where we will share a brief testimonial or review given to us from a homeowner/agent/insurance company who benefited from our services.

We are excited to let you in on some of what makes our company great!!

In this edition, we would like to share with you our core values. These are the driving force behind our company and, we believe, the reason why we have been able to achieve the success and growth we have over the past 17+ years.

From a one-man-band (Joe Taylor) working out of his home garage to a team of over 100 amazing people working out of 3 locations (HQ in Delray, 36,000 sq.ft., Ft. Myers 9,000 sq. ft., and Orlando 11,000 sq. ft.). From 1 truck to over 60, and from 15 pieces of equipment to thousands of pieces of equipment. All of this is a direct result of our amazing team working in a way that shows our dedication to the company’s core values and of the support from our community of insurance carriers, agents, property managers and homeowners. We are truly blessed to work with each and every one of you!

Joe Taylor Restoration’s Core Values:


  • Integrity Above All! Who we are when no one is looking matters most.


  • Each employee strives to be a Customer-centric Problem Solver. We always put the customers first and treat them with the utmost respect. While as individual employees and a team, we successfully overcome all obstacles in the most effective way.


  • Our team wants to have that Wow Factor! It is our goal to continually deliver an Unmatched Service Experience each and every moment of each and every day. We strive to continually and overwhelmingly exceed our customers’ expectations during every encounter from the moment they call us until the moment we close their file.


  • We are Accountable to each other and to you! We are all personally responsible to ensure that we have completed what we started without being asked to do so. Every aspect of the job is to be handled leaving no loose ends. If there is even the possibility of a loose end, we each personally ensure it is properly addressed.


  • We work with Passion/Drive. We have a burning desire within ourselves to be number one and stay number one in everything we do. We are highly motivated to achieve all we can and more. Literally, no job is too big or too complex. In fact, when they are, it motivates us to dig down deep and not just get it done, but to do it RIGHT! Obstacles inspire us, challenges motivate us.


  • We engage in Personal & Professional Growth. Grow yourself! Grow your people! This is how we grow our business.