Customer Spotlight: Lake Mary, Florida- Leaking Shower Water Damage

One of the most common scenarios Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) helps customers with is leaking shower water damage. Whether the cause is the shower head, shower tray, grout issues or something else, if water begins to flow where it shouldn’t, it can become a major problem. Leaking shower water damage can occur not only in

Employee Spotlight: Emily Montgomery- Southwest Florida Office

The month of November has arrived, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to another  Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) Employee we are thankful for: Emily Montgomery. Emily is an Account Executive in our Southwest Florida Office, and the focus of our November JTR Employee Spotlight. Emily

Customer Spotlight: Port Charlotte, Florida- Copper Plumbing Leaks

In this September Customer Spotlight: Port Charlotte, Florida, we discuss copper plumbing leaks and water damage. Copper piping has a well-earned reputation for quality and longevity. Strong and lightweight, it’s often viewed as a problem-free piping material for indoor water distribution. However, while copper is corrosion-resistant, it can still break down over time—particularly if you live

Employee Spotlight: Rick Asadoorian- Central Florida Office

At Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR), our team is made up of a wide variety of individuals from many different backgrounds and experiences. We have former military members and newspaper editors, recent college graduates, and retired major league baseball players, all making up an incredibly efficient and successful “family” that is JTR. Rick Asadoorian is one of

Customer Spotlight: Tampa, Florida- Fire Damage from Lightning

Thunderstorms are a way of life in Florida, but even more so in the summer months. With thunderstorms come lightning, and lightning can cause all kinds of problems, including power surges, shockwaves, and of course, fires. Unfortunately, when a lightning strike results in a fire, property owners are left with fire damage from lightning. Such