Toilets, Water Damage and Mold

The toilet. It is very important to us and we all visit it often, but no one wants to really talk or think about it. Not considering it, though, could spell disaster. The truth about toilets, aside from them being necessary for all of us, is that their failures are the second leading source of residential water losses, after

How Well Do You Know Your Financial Numbers?

There are 2 shows on TV that I thoroughly enjoy: The Profit on CNBC and ABC’s Shark Tank. If you are in business, which you more than likely are, I highly recommend you watch a few episodes. Viewers get the opportunity to look inside a “failing” business or hear a pitch from a business in need

Roof Leak Water Damage

Recently, Joe Taylor Restoration responded to a call for water damage restoration as the result of a roof leak in Boynton Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, the homeowner had not immediately recognized the tell tale signs of roof leak water damage and her garage, kitchen and master bedroom were all affected. Perhaps if she had been aware of

How to Prevent Water Damage While on Vacation

There is so much to think about before you go away on vacation, especially an extended vacation. There are necessities to buy, bags to pack, dogs to kennel, perhaps planes or taxis to schedule, even hair appointments and bank runs to make all before you go. Sure, most of us think to turn off the