Employee Spotlight: Adriano Viana- Headquarters

storms and water damageSummer is in full swing in Florida, complete with significant weather systems and lots of rain. If you, or your customers have been affected by the recent storms and water damage, don’t hesitate to contact Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR). We’re ready to help!

In the mean time, JTR brings you the June Employee Spotlight: Adriano Viana. Adriano is a water technician who has been with JTR for two years at the Headquarters office. His favorite aspect of his job is being able to use his skills to help others when they need it the most. “Empathy and dedication go a long way!”

Adriano’s favorite things about JTR are “the resources available to provide the best service every day. Also, the great atmosphere and support from managers and co-workers.”

In order for you to get to know him better, Adriano chose three topics about which to share: Hobbies, Interests, and Background.


I think of myself as a DIY guy – any free time I have, I spend learning new things and skills. I always try to be as productive and useful as I can, doing something for myself, my family or friends.


I am a car enthusiast – more specifically, performance cars. I’m a curious person and passionate about discovering how things work and finding ways to improve them little by little. I believe this started at a young age from admiring F1 driver Ayrton Senna, and looking up to his brilliance, focus and discipline.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting that led me to various business roles- including working at major firms in Brazil, where I’m from.

One of our customers, Tammie, recently had this to say about Adriano:

Adriano just left my home. I appreciated his dedication. He was very thorough and very hard working. He explained everything, and told us what we needed to do. He was very polite and respectful to my family. I would recommend Joe Taylor Restoration, especially Adriano. He is an an amazing technician.
Thank you!

Thank YOU, Tammie, for a wonderful review! And thank you, Adriano, for doing such an incredible job, and for sharing some about yourself in this Employee Spotlight, Headquarters. We appreciate your hard work and your efforts to make water damage restoration much less frustrating and complicated for JTR’s customers.

If water, fire, mold or biohazard damage becomes an issue, do not hesitate to contact us. Let Joe Taylor Restoration turn your restoration emergency into an unmatched service experience and a fully restored property.