Water Damage in Condos- West Palm Beach, Florida

The “domino effect.” No one wants the domino effect to apply to them when the “game” is water damage in condos. So often in apartment and condo buildings, when one upper level unit suffers a water loss, the surrounding units and those underneath are also affected in quick succession. Water seeps through and pours down the

One Job, Three Different Restoration Services- Jensen Beach, Florida

As most of you know, Joe Taylor Restoration performs four main types of property restoration services: Mold, Fire, Water, and Biohazard. Typically, we provide one or two of our primary services on one job. For example, two services on one job would be where a water restoration job also requires mold remediation. But every now and

Water Leak from the Neighbor- Naples, Florida

What type of property damage do we most commonly see at Joe Taylor Restoration? Water damage. And what kind of water damage is one of the most frustrating for property owners? Water damage that came as a result of a water leak from the neighbor. Whether the leak comes from the ceiling above or through

Great Google Review- Delray Beach Branch

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we have the privilege of receiving great google reviews fairly often. Perhaps that is because our team strives to have that Wow Factor! It is our goal to continually deliver an Unmatched Service Experience each and every moment of each and every day. We want to continually and overwhelmingly exceed our customers’ expectations during every encounter

Kitchen Mold Removal- Sarasota, Florida

Kitchen plumbing leaks happen often, which equal water damage. And, unfortunately, if water damage is not effectively addressed, mold and the need for kitchen mold removal quickly follows, especially in Florida. Such was the case recently for a Sarasota resident. He suspected mold after a supply line made a mess of his kitchen. So, he