Commercial Water Damage- Boca Raton Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plants exist in almost every municipality across the country and specialize in exactly what their name suggests- water treatment. These plants ensure that the water we use is safe to cook with, bathe in, drink, and generally use as needed. One wouldn’t necessarily think of a water treatment plant as a place that would need

Honesty in the Age of the Politically Correct

Like him or not, businessman, entertainer and now, presidential candidate Donald Trump has seemingly hit a vein with voters: disdain for political correctness and a desire for frankness. We live in an age where we are constantly told that certain words and phrases are offensive. And we work in environments where the Human Resources’ standard

Tropical Storm Erika and Flood Damage

Florida narrowly escaped another hurricane last weekend with the demise of Tropical Storm Erika. However, her remnants are still bringing about heavy moisture and rainfall in the U.S. Southeast, especially Florida. The approach of a major storm typically motivates people to prepare; to buy water, non perishable food, and maybe even a home generator. It