Fire Damage- Homestead, Florida

Being that rental properties are so common throughout our coverage area, Joe Taylor Restoration is contacted regularly regarding every kind of restoration work in rental properties. Unfortunately, for the renter and the property owner, that sometimes includes dealing with fire damage. A tenant renting a home in Homestead, Florida, was shocked and frightened when she

Complete Restoration- Boca Raton, Florida

Many of weekly blogs include information on the importance of employing a reputable, licensed and insured restoration vendor when faced with a water, fire, mold or biohazard disaster in your home or business. A few of the many reasons we focus on this topic is because of the ruinous affects hiring the wrong restoration company

Flood Restoration- Oakland Park, Florida

Some of the worst cases of flood damage occur when a water loss begins on the second, third, or higher floor of a building and cascades downward through the ceiling and down the walls of the floors underneath, soaking everything in its path. This type of water loss is called a top down water loss.