The Dangers of Water Damage

Can a house with extensive water damage deliver a shower of melted chocolate ice-cream? What? Yes, you read that right. And the answer is…it can. One of our technicians recently responded to a flooded home in Sunrise, Florida, only to be covered with ice-cream when he moved the refrigerator. The power had been turned off because

Tips to Help with a Flooded House

The location- Plantation, Florida. The problem- a fully flooded house due to a top-down water loss. The source- a toilet supply line on the second floor of the home. Complicating factor- the homeowners were away at the time of the loss, and the neighbors discovered water coming out of the garage. While the above situation

Below-Average Hurricane Season Florida

Fellow Floridians! Joe Taylor Restoration brings you good tidings on this fine Wednesday morning! The hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) are predicting a slightly below-average Atlantic hurricane season in 2017, including a below-average hurricane season Florida! The meteorologists predict that 2017 hurricane activity will be about 85 percent of the average season. By comparison,

The Assignment of Benefits Scam

When a property owner discovers water damage in their home or business, their first thought may be to call a water remediation company, contractor, or the like to dry out the building. But if the owner doesn’t choose the right one, that call can be a very costly mistake. There have been an increasing number