Property Damage after a Fire

Last week’s blog focus was water damage that occurred in most of a condo building due to a single kitchen fire. But water damage is not the only type of property damage that results when there’s a fire. Smoke, soot and ash damage also come into play after the fire is out. But the first and

Fire Causes Water Damage- Hollywood, Florida

Recently, JoeTaylor Restoration received an after hours call from a building engineer for a condo high rise in Hollywood, Florida. He had a major problem on his hands that, unfortunately, is relatively common- a single kitchen fire causes water damage throughout many units and ends up impacting the entire condo building. In this case, the fire had

Fall Water Damage in Florida

It’s fall, Floridians! And while it may not be sweater weather, the temperatures do dip below 90 and we’ll happily take what we can get. As with any other season of the year in Florida, fall water damage is a reality. However, fall presents certain seasonal conditions that may impact your property and possessions. Here

Mold Remediation in Central Florida

Our Central Florida office is quite busy and growing steadily with a great group of guys and gals making sure each job is done to the Joe Taylor Restoration unmatched customer service standard. Our technicians are responding to every kind of restoration emergency, but mold remediation in Central Florida has proven to be require some extra