The Best in Biohazard Cleanup

Joe Taylor Restoration has done a lot of biohazard cleanup over the years. Some of these jobs are simply disgusting, like when a power outage causes meat and other food to rot and the stench permeates every square inch of the house. Some of them are tragic- like the one chronicled in a previous blog

Microwave Fire Prevention

We all have one- a trusty microwave. When your toddler won’t eat anything, you use it to warm up frozen mini pizzas. When you’re having a salt craving, you use it to pop popcorn. If you’re actually making a real meal, perhaps you just use it to soften a little butter for a tasty dish.

Tornado Damage- Cape Coral, Florida

As mentioned in a previous post, Florida residents have recently been experiencing tornado warnings popping up on their cell phones and blaring from their television speakers. Although in these situations the wind and the rain is almost always more intense than the usual thunderstorm, the weather heralded by these warnings most often does not result in an