Hidden Mold Behind Wallpaper

Hidden mold is the worst. You think your home is environmentally safe, secure, and free from allergens and other problematic things like mold. But you have wallpaper in your bathroom. And over time, you notice a musty smell that’s getting stronger. You search the bathroom, sniffing different surfaces, until you discover that the walls have

Flooring and Water Damage

As you all know, we do water restoration. And because that’s what we do, we see A LOT of wet floors. Flooring of all kinds, flooring and water damage, flooring we make every attempt to save. Although water damage can affect any part of a home or business, the most common rooms we work to

Extreme Weather in Florida 2017-2018

The New Year has begun with a bang, or rather, a “bomb cyclone” and freezing weather, even in Florida. So we can not help but reflect on all the “weird” and often unfortunate weather events that occurred in 2017. A surprising number of devastating and deadly extreme weather events and natural disasters happened all over