Water Sprinkler Damage

Miramar, Florida recently experienced a geyser at the site of a commercial building. No, not a geyser the size of Old Faithful. But it might as well have been for the amount of damage it caused. The source was a water sprinkler, and the truth is that water sprinkler damage can be quite serious. Especially

The Preferred Water Restoration Company

As it states several times in several places on our website, Joe Taylor Restoration has distinguished itself as the preferred water restoration company for over 45 insurance carriers in the Florida market, including industry leaders such as Federated National and Frontline. (We are also the preferred fire, mold, and biohazard vendor. However, for simplicity’s sake and for

Water Restoration Companies- Trustworthy vs Untrustworthy

The unfortunate reality of the water restoration industry, especially in Florida, is that there are many unlicensed and/or untrustworthy water restoration companies that are seeking to take advantage of property owners in a water-damage crisis. It is important that you, the property owner, have some knowledge of the dangers of hiring deceptive water restoration companies,

The Triple Whammy of Water Damage Restoration

It’s fall in Florida, which means it’s still 90 degrees, but there are pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks and Halloween decorations everywhere. Much like the weather, the season change has not really affected much at Joe Taylor Restoration, and calls continue to come in for relatively routine water damage restoration. With the exception of one recent